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Psycho Pass' Cyber Punk Mood


Get in Psycho Pass' cyber punk mood while you wait for season 2! Don't miss the last song!

Includes tracks from games, other animes and psycho pass itself.

Any suggestions on how to improve this playlist are welcome.

8 tracks
6 comments on Psycho Pass' Cyber Punk Mood

These song fit remarkably Psycho-Pass. I am impressed. I recognized the Ghost in Shell's opening, and I could see a crossover between the two anime.

Indeed, I did reconize similarities between Psycho-Pass and Ghost in Shell that is why I put these songs in this mix! Thanks for the feedback!

I've listened to this mix through more than a handful of times now, it's wonderful! The tracks are so interesting and explorative, most of the the artists I've not heard of before. Thank you!

I love constructive comments like yours, they make me very happy! Thank you very much. I tried to pick a variety of tracks most people wouldn't know of, just like you thought!