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margaret's jams


not that i know your jams but it's your birthday, these jams are for you, they're your jams. margaret's jams.

sorry if this sucks i had to guess a lot of your taste in music and im not v good at reading people so

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hey it’s margaret again. i go by maggie now. i listen to this playlist every few weeks and it makes me really happy and sad at the same time. it’s a good feeling and i just want to remind you how great of a friend you were/are. you helped me through a lot

hey Amelia. I know you were mad I didn't listen to this playlist but to be honest I lost the card in my desk. I'm listening to it now and I can't express how great of a friend you've been. we definitely need to go kayaking/paddling/taking aesthetic pictures of the lake again before I go to D.C.