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The Paradox Series Soundtrack (Sherlock/John)


A playlist featuring all the songs referenced to in wordstrings' epic Sherlock/John fanfiction "The Paradox Series", as well as songs that were used in the equally remarkable podfiction series. Please note that there's one bonus song (Paranoid Android) that I had to include to get this playlist up to 8 tracks. Enjoy!

8 tracks
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Did this mix change recently? I could have sworn the version of "Dance Me To The End Of Love" you had on here wasn't the one that's here now... (I listen to this mix A LOT, lol)

@naga1209ww - I'm listening to it right now and it sounds like the version I uploaded. I certainly haven't changed it (considering I only have the one, lol). Sorry I can't be of more help. :p (BTW, I'm stoked that you listen to this often!)

Lol, that's so weird... just now it was like an original version with cheesy synthesizer instrumentation, and a very steady, emotionless kind of backing vocals, and I could have sworn it was lush and emotional with strings and stuff. Maybe I'm losing my mind. *shrug* Thanks for the reply! Still love the mix. :)