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my pop punk essentials


collection of some of my favorite pop punk/pop rock/metalcore songs feat many classics, enjoy

(would've made this much longer but I was too lazy to change the names of things to add more than 2 songs per artist)

49 tracks
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bless this mix bc it's like no the typical punk playlist that's 50% 5sos and 40% all time low and then some fob thrown in there not that's there's anything wrong with those bands it's just nice to see a good legit punk mix sorry for the ramble.

@hannahbellemarie EXACTLY THANK YOU I'm so sick of those kinds of playlists being the generic "punk" playlists. like you said nothing wrong with those bands, but people definitely need to educate themselves with actual punk bands if they're going to call themselves fans of that genre, you know. and don't be sorry for rambling because now i am