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A Court of Mist and Fury


Feyre singing how Tamlin never noticed she was breaking, and then Rhysand trying to make it better

F. realising R. has always been there for her

F's broken relationship with T. - F. feels better near R.

F. wanting R. to finally feel loved and valued

F. being undone after T's ignorance

F. realizing her and T. weren't meant to be

Starfall - when F. and R. are dancing together happily

Home is where R. is

F. and R's desire for one another

F. healing by being away from T.

F. being grateful for everything R. has done for her

F. knowing she isn't the same person

R. feeling alone, and F. reminding him otherwise

R. singing about F.'s sacrifices

R wanting those closest to him to know he wasn't evil

F wanting to really live her life

R knowing that F loves him for who he truly is

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