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I See Fire : Patrick Pearse


Padraig MacPiaraise - headmaster, writer, barrister, and revolutionary. Patrick Pearse was a champion of the Irish language and culture, who set aside educational theories in favor of the revolutionary dream of an independent Ireland through the force of the 1916 Easter Rising. #hero #revolution

Updated: 3 May 2016, on the 100 year anniversary of his death.

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This is an amazing mix (as are your other two!). I wrote a novel (in Dutch) about Irish soldiers serving in the British army during WWI, some of them being good friends of Thomas Mc Donagh and Padraig Pearse (like Francis Ledwidge). And how stunned they were when hearing about the executions in May 16, the executioners wearing the same uniform as they did!

That's fascinating! I'm currently working on a very similar study of the Irish presence in the British Army during the Great War, and specifically the memory and identity issues that have come as a result.

Your book and research sound fantastic, and this topic I feel is so relevant today, as much as it was in, say 1916, because it was such a time of forming identity. Best of luck with the success of your book! I'll have to look for it, perhaps in English, in the future!

Also, thank you so much, and please enjoy :)