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Again and Again: An Eridan x Sollux FST

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This is a really super mix! I really love the way the songs flow together C: Great job! The only thing for me is, I've been trying to find the wren track, but for the life of me I can't seem to find it anywhere! It's not even on itunes...

Thank you for the positive feedback~
Yeah, I picked up that song a year or two ago when Wren released a large portion of his music for free. Since then, they have deleted most of their works. It's probably next to impossible to find unless you track down their old Mediafire file. He's even deleted it from his YouTube profile as well...
If you would like, I could put his works onto a site or something for you and others.

Gosh, that would be greatly appreciated! It was bugging me for forever that i couldn't find that particular song.