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A Winter Wind in April


This playlist is for when I continue to struggle against all of the insurmountable challenges set before me even though all I want is to ask you to stay. Even though I am going to be alone again soon, I hope you know I do see you, and you are more incredible than you realize. Enjoy! ;)

*The picture is of IU.

**By the way, I used a lot of the song choices from the animated series "Your Lie in April" or "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso." Check it out if you like lots of Chopin and a well-animated story that causes you to drive that feels bus all the way home. Also, these songs are NOT recommended around light sleepers.

28 tracks
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@gudiasonali94-155 I am happy you enjoyed the playlist. Yes, "Your Lie in April" is certifiably an amazing series. Oddly enough, one of the few things I wish the series would have added were more egg sandwich powwows between Emi, Kousei, and Takeshi. :) Oh, and more canelés.

@rubyvidal Yes, I had to mention Your Lie in April's influence. The show made me revisit old favorites again in a very delightful order. I am glad the music reached you, and I hope it finds a place in other people's hearts or at least their playlists :)