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Make It a Good One, Eh?


“It's a funny thing about stories. It doesn't feel like you make them up, more like you find them. You type and type and you know you haven't got it yet, because somewhere out there, there's that perfect thing -- the unexpected ending that was always going to happen. That place you've always been heading for, but never expected to go.”--S.M. Enjoy! ;)

I cannot promise that this will be the most original instrumental/study playlist you will ever come across, but I enjoy it none the less. It goes from enthusiastic to delicately heartbreaking. Please listen to at least five tracks before you find out it is not your thing. Btw, if you know who I am quoting, you are absolutely fantastic.

*Picture of IU.
**My favorites are definitely Takagi Masakatsu's track & Shigeru Umebayashi's theme.

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