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Stream of Consciousness


Sometimes I just like to zone out without completely falling asleep while listening to music like this. If I do fall asleep, it's slowly and then all at once. Enjoy! ;)

*The picture is of the singer IU.

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@nullptr I am sincerely sorry to learn that the playlist is not playing for you. :( I played it using Mozilla and Chrome. For me, Chrome tends to handle 8tracks better, but both browsers did play it through the whole way. I checked using both the "edit" tool and the space underneath my private mixes; the mix appears to be public and published. I deleted a song that was mistakenly put in the mix, and added a new track that appears to show up with the rest of the tracks. Sometimes it helps me to close a tab or browser when 8tracks is being fickle with my setup. I hope it works for you now. If not, check the EXTRA section underneath the ABOUT button on the right top corner of the site; the 8tracks staff should help troubleshoot in case this is happening to you for more than my mix. Good luck and have a good day. :)

@Amy I'll be there, with you in rain & thunder, because i can here your voice :). but today is snowly Saturday ^_. I don't know why the animated film have that title? it's seem as there are many "Words" in that garden ^_.

@nullptr I am very happy that you like to listen to my playlist. Your comment reminds me of a movie that quoted some literature which translates into this: “A faint clap of thunder;
Clouded skies;
Perhaps rain comes – if so, will you stay here with me?" The animated film is translated as "The Garden of Words" in English, and you might enjoy the soundtrack since it sounds like a rainstorm. :)

Since Sept. 28, 2015, most of my tracks are no longer available. I do not have the money to buy every single track that needs to be replaced for every playlist, so I will be purging every playlist of the non-available tracks to try to make the number of tracks and the length of time for each playlist to match up better with the actual content. Unfortunately, all of the playlists are going to remain as the purged and shorter list of tracks because of the lack of personal funds and time. I have not been active on the playlist producing side of 8tracks for a while, so the new updates on playlist compiling and soundcloud integration was a bit of a bummer. ;P I will try to make new playlists that will comply with the more recent rules, so my playlists no longer go from 100 tracks to 51 tracks. Sorry for the trouble, and here's to you, me, and the music that binds people together. ;)