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Whickety Whack Vol. 13


Props to Jenn Im (clothesencounters on YouTube) for sharing such a wicked taste in music. I think this playlist is almost 60/40 when it comes to artists Jenn has mentioned/featured and artists I think share similar funky sensibilities. Enjoy! ;)

*Warning: I have more songs with singing in them, so this playlist might NOT be helpful for studying compared to other playlists in the Whickety Whack collection.

Links to Jenn Im's content:

35 tracks
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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH??? there are artists in here i've never really liked but maNNN they fit with the vibe of this playlist so much that i can't stop listening to them... :) amazin

@samuraicls I am happy you enjoyed the vibe of the playlist. :) Out of curiosity, could you tell me which artists you've never really liked before that are featured on this playlist? It's interesting to learn about another's perspective on familiar artists.