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Before the Storm: the soundtrack to my undoing-part 1


This is the first playlist of my series 'the soundtrack to my undoing' based off of songs that deeply represent my feelings and emotions before/during/after a major breakdown

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You are an amazing Woman Amy, Keep up the good works, you inspire and motivate me to not give up, Despite all my trainings, skills and perseverance im at my ends against these powerful ppl unfortunately cant and won't disclose details for everyone's safety but I can reassure you im not giving up and simply fighting my battle to be left alone and be given the chance to simply live a somewhat normal life :) never stop smiling at ups and downs of life :) Thank you for your Awesomeness :) Remember the Good times with the Bad times, Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life :)

This Series of Mixes have brought PERFECTION to a whole new level, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my life began to take an unfolding turn last night for the better or worst, God knows best, I gave it my best too long longer than any in my position, Im giving it my best abilities to survive, Many Thanks for your time, efforts, covers. description, order, music selection, your masterpiece collection :) You have touched hearts, my best wishes to you wherever you are in life, Regards Enduser

@Enduser This comment really made my day :) These playlists were created when I was in a very dark place and was struggling immensely with cycles of Hypomania and depression along with my other ongoing mental and physical illnesses , so to know that some good, no matter how small, came out of that is amazing to me. It's really unfortunate that with the 8tracks policy changing a lot of the tracks are being removed but I'm trying my hardest to find replacements. Best of luck to you, Amy.