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Hospital Nights


Nothing sucks more than being stuck. Stuck in a vicious cycle. Stuck and unable to pull myself out, so others have to do it for me.

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@amy-unedited It's okay, i'm just really glad you're okay :^). I can use whatever way of communicating that you want or able to use, just let me know what's convenient for you.

hey there amy, haven't heard from you in a while and your tumblrs gone, but i hope you're doing well. didn't know how else to reach you and not sure if this will but wanted to try. miss you.

I keep coming back to this mix, it has to be one of my favorites has captured in inner feelings of self. Thank you again, and I hope this new year( moment in time) comes with more understanding and cheer.

Thank you again, you made another great mix. Sorry i have been out fighting my own demons of self awaking and lack of control. I am here for the ride and what a ride it is. Thanks again these mixes help so please don't stop,I look forward to the next one.

@caslck Thank you so much! :) Im really glad you liked this one! Hopefully i should be putting out a new mix next week keep an eye out!