163 comments on animated movies; the way it's meant to be by amyfarrahfowler

When I saw this had the Road to El Dorado song I was scared it was the latin version, which is my favourite but would be inaccurate, I was so fucking happy it was the actual Spanish version.
This is great congrats, it clearly took you a lot of time.
(you know what song's really great in german? Mother Knows Best from Tangled. That one really worked)

Every time I try to pick a favourite from these tracks I end up hearing the next one and being sent back to the drawing. They're all so beautiful. Thank you so much for uplaoding these!

for anyone about to or wanting to listen to this, a warning: in A Whole New World there is a scream halfway through that WILL give yo u a heart attack. DO NOT FEAR. IT IS THE MONKEY. I REAPEAT, IT IS THE MONKEY, DO NOT FEAR!

It's really awesome to be able to hear the songs in the languages they're from, but I wish the songs were labeled better - instead of just the film they're from, the actual artist who sang the song.

For all who don't know: the singer of "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" is Jackie Chan. Also, I LOVE Miguel's Spanish voice.

I love this mix, but listening to so many different languages in a row confuses the frick out of me! I've a very sporadic grasp on many languages, so I'll understand one song fully, then in the next only catch two words, then in the next not catch any, but I'll be straining to.