163 comments on animated movies; the way it's meant to be by amyfarrahfowler

I absolute love this mix. It has so many movies I love but especially the Russian version of "Once Upon a December" and the Spanish version of the song of El Dorado.
So glad to hear my mother language.

I'd love to hear a song in Portuguese too, but there isn't any animated movie set in a country where Portuguese is the official language. I mean, there's Rio, which is set in Brazil, but I don't really like the songs from this movie. It's a pity, because Portuguese is a beautiful language and Brazil could be the setting for fantastic stories. Rio is nice and all, but it's just full of things that everyone already knows about the country. Brazil has more to show.

This is perfect!
It's great to hear Can you feel the love tonight in Zulu! I used to spend some weeks in South Africa with Xhosa speaking people and both languages are pretty much related and this gives me so many great memories. <3

Oh my goodness, When You Believe is already so beautiful but in Hebrew...wow. Speechless. Love this playlist, by the way. So awesome.

This mix is so wonderful. Thank you especially for introducing me to this version of "When You Believe" - it sounds like it should have been written in Hebrew instead of English. Gorgeous.