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Storytime: Quest 3


after sailing through the north sea, your group has been captured by a tribe of orcs and taken into their cavern through a long tunnel. The central cavern is totally dark, except for a bonfire on the side. Your weapons have been taken and are piled up on another side. There are 3 exits on the second level that lead to the mountain pass you wish to go to. You must choose on of the three exits, which will lead you to the 4th and final quest.

  • Quaritch (Avatar) by James Horner
  • Into The Na'Vi World (Bonus) by Avatar
  • Thor The Dark World by Blackphantom
  • Thor and Loki Blood Brothers End Titles by Amotz Plessner
  • Dead Man's Chest by Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Black Pearl by Pirates of the Carribean
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest [End Titles] by Hans Zimmer
  • Episode 55 - Phrase of the Day by NHK語学_おとなの基礎英語
8 tracks
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