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Need You Like Water In My Lungs: Play Crack the Sky

7 comments on Need You Like Water In My Lungs: Play Crack the Sky

Hey, guys. Download link for this playlist and Undead Girlfriends are in the notes! Happy listening :)

Thank you guys for all the nice comments on this mix! I should be posting a download link sometime this weekend, for those who would like to have the mix in their itunes and see the whole mix :)

I love this mix because I'm up typing papers at 1 am and it's not songs I know so I'm not paying attention to them and sing along (except for the Brand New) and I just feel like it's a good mix. so Thank you.

SO FOR THE RECORD: I just demolished this fic and have been listening to so many mixes dedicated to it, but this one. This one right here? HAS JIMMY EAT WORLD ON IT, AND IT COMPLETELY MADE ME BURST INTO TEARS. No lie; I literally gasped, then started crying. Thank you for this. I know this comment is a little crazy, but THANK YOU for representing a band that usually just gets forgotten. <3

i deeply desire to download this playlist so I can listen to it every time I re-read PCtS because this playlist is fucking PERFECT for the fic. like I was listening to this and every song was... it brought back memories of different scenes and basically I was a mess for 2 hours ; ___;