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Time for my Splendid Reasoning!


for all you gaming gumshoes out there
I organized it in a five-act reader-insert thing if you look at the annotations its dorky but I like it
sorry for lack of variety; if you were expecting a mix that'll show you new games this isn't it, but this time I've played all of them! (i don't play many games obviously)
EDIT 4/9/15: Added a Kid Icarus Uprising track and three Dai Gyakuten Saiban ones

38 tracks
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ok so i'm only halfway through but this is SUCH a nice mix! and i love the little annotations, i'm getting all wrapped up in the mystery!

@sprinklesfreak thank you so much! i'm glad you like it the little annotations; i thought i was the only one who would care about them! even though i made this mix a while ago, it has to be one of my favorites tbh