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Laura Hollis: Jam Master


(the Unofficial Carmilla soundtrack ft. music from Laura's Blog - and a few tracks of Carmilla's)

As you all well know, Laura likes to post music, and a lot of it. So this is us accepting that she does this and sharing it all, in one place, with you.

Cover art (c) the Lovely Deb Yan

Who has graciously given us permission to use as cover art.

52 tracks
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hi, i've been listening to laura's vol. 2 this week and just came across this. I've also listened to the carmilla metal mix and i have an expanding list of music to look up and purchase so thank you for that. I have to say, listening to these mixes and referencing back across the transmedia and the episodes has really improved my depth and understanding of both laura and carmilla as characters. thank you so much for making these, ellen. love from one happy creampuff in england :)

I liked the other version of Every Little Bit Counts you had before :$ I love this playlist though I listen to it all the time.

I started playing Civ V around the same time I started listening to this playlist, and the two are now inextricably linked. Now I find myself contemplating fanfic about the Carmilla gang playing the game, wondering which nations they would play and what victory conditions they would go for...

i really feel like this playlist sums up Laura, it makes me feel like i've been brought closer to her character. thank you for sharing!