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off the grid


Songs that take you away from cell phones, coworkers, and traffic, and take you to beachfront bonfires, stargazing, hiking, and those things we love to do when we're off the grid.

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81 tracks
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And here I am still listening to this fabulous mixtape! I had it on while my (now) girlfirend was here. At that time we were not yet together. And she teased me if I put what she called "lesbian songs" on the playlist on purpose (Tegan and Sara)! I never even noticed in 2014. But back then I was a whole different person. I just wanted to share with you that your mixtape is still creating warm, fuzzy meories for me.

THIS MIX IS AWESOME have literally been listening to this for weeks. My go to for the car (my radio is broken but its cool I have this), when I'm just chillin and cooking or doing homework

@petitesdents Thanks for the kind words, glad I could help! Awesome profile pic btw. Perhaps you should listen to this mix while preparing a nice milk steak with a side of jelly beans.