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Sunday's Part II (go fugde yourself)

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All the tombstones- sky scrapin'
All the rock stars double datin'
So if you hate me, go on hating
You've been waiting your whole life for this moment to be waitin'

We've got it!!

All those hookers in their fucking car
Twelve steppin' hippies hangin' out at the bar
Suckers and fuckers and stupid retards
New York City's like a graveyard

We've got it!!

All the yuppies getting married
All the yuppies getting buried
Singing in this city's like singing on the prairie
New York City's like a cemetary

Here's the playlist... so go on and kiss my shiny metal ass...
Paul McCartney--- Live And Let Die
Indian Summer--- Angry Son
Sex Pistols--- God Save The Queen
Nirvana--- Heart-Shaped Box
Ramones--- Beat on the brat
Sex Pistols--- Anarchy in the U.K.
Ramones--- I'm Against It
The Clash--- Career Opportunities
The Moldy Peaches--- Nyc's Like a Graveyard
The Rolling Stones--- Ruby Tuesday
The Who--- My Generation