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High on Heaven


Here's a compilation of some of the tracks God used to speak to me and remind me of His great Love.

Enjoy the chill vibe of this playlist. Be free to dance, while letting the lyrics of every song resound in your soul.

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Ahh sorry there's a lot of spelling errors on there. It's hard to type on this tiny screen. But you get the gist. I can't wait to read more of your blog and comment. I don't know your whole story... But from the few things I saw, i know how you feel.

I love the mix! But I've been so moved to comment because I'm so thankful you put the link to your blog on there. I'm 100% The Lord led me to read your story. The playlist random came on, and I seriously read a blog maybe 1 time a year. But I felt we are very similar people, so I checked it out. The post I read blew me away. I've been feeling so down and guilty about this issue you wrote about. Seeing your posts gave me the reassurance I needed to get on with my day. (And same with the music too.) I love this electro-worshi