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For heart breaks and rainy days, because it all sounds like home.

[playlist for wattpad's 5:48; edited/revised may 2015]

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The awkward moment where you're trying to explain the reason behind the tears in your eyes.... In the middle of class. 5:48 reduced me into a state of numbers and denial. This playlist brought it all back. I love it. <3

I managed to bring myself to tears last night just thinking of 5:48 - and I haven't even read it recently... I plan to reread it in a couple of weeks. <3
I only wish this mix was longer...

this is just...this is perfect, chloe. my heart is aching with the bittersweet reminiscence of this playlist. thank you for sharing this with us, to be accompanied with the wonderful book. <3

your book was my favorite thing and inspired me so much
even though its ages away i plan on naming my son ezra if i have a boy
i don't know why i just thought to look for a playlist for it here but moral of the story is that ily