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My Lullaby


A mix for when you just can't sleep, designed to gradually calm your mind and lull you into dreamland. Some of these tunes have been tested on the babies of my family, and some on myself. Turn the volume down low and fluff your pillows - perhaps you could even have a bit of tea or warm milk & cinnamon while you're at it. Sweet dreams, my dear.

14 tracks
2 comments on My Lullaby

I listen to this playlist almost every night. It is very soothing and helps me fall asleep at night and easy my mind. Thank you so very much for making it! It was ever so kind of you!!!

god.. that first song just makes me feel five years old again, watching peter rabbit. i was actually moved to tears - i hadn't heard it for years, and suddenly it hit me. beautiful mix :') xxx

Thank you so much. :) And I totally understand....I freely admit to having cried over the Peter Rabbit soundtrack multiple times. It was a huge part of my early childhood.