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Rock isn't dead it's mixed


Thirteen tracks including music by Fissunix, Justin Kayes, and MC Potato.

  • Make It Wit Dani (Queens Of The Stone Age vs Red Hot Chili Peppers) by Bogoss Bootlegs
  • We Will Jump (House Of Pain & Queen) electro rock by LACA/Digital Crime
  • That's Not My Name (Justin Kayes Mashup) by Justin Kayes
  • Whole Lotta Sex Machine by Fissunix
  • Shaggy vs Bon Jovi vs Dead Prez vs Sleigh Bells by MC Potato
  • Like a G666 (Low C edit) by Fissunix
6 tracks
1 comment on Rock isn't dead it's mixed

why isn't this more popular? i'll tell you why, because people suck and listen to shitty music. love it. if you have more mashups like this, please post!