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something they can never take away


Partly musical-based, partly historical-based* Lams mix. (Odd numbered songs are Laurens pov, even numbered songs are Hamilton pov. All annotations are taken from the musical lyrics or from their written correspondence.)

*Meaning it approximately follows their rl historical timeline, but the music is all soul/r&b/rap with one song en Español for good measure.

UPDATE: track list can be found at the following url by request --

13 tracks
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Could you link the track list please? I live in Sweden and since 8tracks is a shit website I can't listen to anything it has to offer anymore. It worked somewhat for a few months but now all has gone to shit. I really enjoyed the first three songs on your playlist and would like to hear more. I

@majaisbatman sure! I tried to post it in a reply to this comment but it wouldn't show when I published it, so I added it in the description. enjoy!