Is this playlist safe for work?


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WHAT, IT ENDS JUST LIKE THAT? Did I DIE? The playlist ended at A Dream Upon Waking for me, making only 11 out of the 12 tracks. (Which was such a wild ride, let me tell you. This was chillingly awesome to listen to. Great job!)

@laurensoldieron it should end on a dream upon waking! i counted the tracks though and there's twelve I DUNNO WHAT'S UP WITH THAT. thanks for the compliment though! glad you enjoyed it!

@andouilles Ah, okay. My 8-tracks does a weird thing where it won't play every song on the playlist. This must be one of those times. Thanks for your reply!

Yeeees, this is exactly what I wanted to listen to! Thank you for putting this wonderfully chilling mix together, it's making my homework life so much better. The annotations, though --they really make it!! Do you write often?

@Squidlium yes! i am actually a creative writing major! writing is my true passion hahaha. thank you for your kind comment btw - getting comments on my playlists seriously makes my day