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Lesser-Known Pop Divas of the Early 2000s


When you were tired of Britney and Christina,
and that episode of Degrassi where Drake became wheelchair-bound gave you the feels,
and after school you rushed to sign into AIM (obviously your username was spelled LiKe ThIs),
and these songs somehow made you feel empowered (although you weren't sure what that really meant),
and you didn't notice that they all use the same chord progressions,
and pop wasn't ruined for you yet,
and all these songs made you feel hopelessly romantic,
but you didn't know what love was yet, so the idea is laughable now,
but everything was magical, minus the fact that you were unknowingly plunging straight into *gasp*... puberty...

And then you became a broody teenager so you listened to all these songs:

21 tracks