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Insert headphones. Enjoy.


These are some songs on my iTunes that I love listening to when I just want to lay down and think about stuff. It's also nice to study to. Hope you like it! Thirteen tracks including music by Ratatat, Rob Dougan, and Chris Thile.

12 tracks
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I think the name your searching for the "exposions in the sky" song, is "Rudiments of a spiritual life" by "the american dollar". But i'm not 100% sure... ;)
Great mix!

I'm not sure if that is explosions in the sky, its definitely not on any of their albums but it could be a remix, one of their albums: all of the sudden i miss everyone has a remix disc and this song is similar to that style but its not on that album....but this is still a good song and a good mix, thanks helping me study!

Thank you! I was starting to doubt it was them also! I have no idea who it is if it's not them haha. I'm glad you enjoy it :)