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pose, you've got to save your reputation
they're close to finding out about your girlfriend
but if you change your mind
you know where i am

- Girls/Girls/Boys, Panic! At The Disco


i sometimes forget dirty laundry by @gibslythe (who's music taste is perfection btw) isn't actually canon ?? if you're like me, and ur poor heart can't take anymore of this fic's slow burn, here's a mixtape to keep u occupied in the meantime

this is an actual mess im srry


10 tracks
6 comments on well. it's okay to be gay

I wish I could like this playlist again every time I listen to it! I love it so much and I listen to it as much as I can ;) It fits any mood I'm in, whether I need something to cheer me up or just calm me down this is my go to playlist. Thank you so much for putting such a creative and inspiring playlist out there for us to find! Thanks c:

my friend recommended this playlist a week ago and i haven't been able to stop listening to it, your taste in music is awesome and this playlist suits klance and dirty laundry so well. thank you so much for making it

@stellarays wowowowwee I'm actually speechless right now with how much your comment made me happy!!! thank u for all the love, *gives bear-hug*