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you and me, and in between


i'm sure we'll meet in the spring
and catch up on everything
i'll say i'm proud of all that you've done

- The Good Side, Troye Sivan


a softer, izuku-centered pov on his relationship with katsuki, from childhood and on

(me: why! isn't! anyone! discussing! childhood! katsudeku!)


14 tracks
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this playlist broke into my home in the middle of the night and had me confront several childhood traumas about friends I use to love wow

I don’t think I’ve been introduced to so much good new music in one playlist in ages! I really love this, thanks so much for making it

@caramariep aw thank you very much!!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it and am extremely flattered that this introduced you to some new tunes. a lot of these songs were new to me too :)