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reading music, no lyrics

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Awesome playlist! I was looking for something that I could listen to while I read, and I came across this one and it seriously was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for studying, reading, writing, etc.. basically one of the best playlists I've ever listened to! Set's the perfect mood with a lot of really great musicians, and it just has a good consistency to it. Whether that was intentional or not, 5 star rating from me ;) Hope to see more!

Thank you very much for this! It helped me concentrate on reading my readings. Like the previous commenter, lyrics distract me as well. I hope you make more playlists like this! :)

@herhiddenvoice I'm happy you liked it. I'm a new user on 8tracks and I made this playlist so that i could listen to something while i read. I wasn't expecting for other people to like it, to be honest. :)