Angela Disu
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I'm not that strong #1


Mom, Dad,
Can’t you see.
How much your words are hurting me?
I think of every words you said,
At nights when I can’t seem to sleep in my bed.

Don’t you hear,
I’m in my room, holding back every tear.
I don’t want you to know I’m broken,
So I’ll keep smiling and leave all the pain unspoken.

Friends and lover,
Don’t you know,
There are so many thing I chose not to show.
I scream, I cry,
I cut, I lie.
But most of all I wanna die.

People and society,
Where is the girl I used to be?
You made me drive insane in my head,
Congratulation to every one of you,
I am dead.


I'm not that strong too so you are not alone my friend

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I'm so glad I found this playlist. I think it's one of my favourite playlists because not only did you pick great songs... but the poem really speaks to me- a lot. Can't thank you enough for making this :)

That poem speaks to me on a whole other level. Especially about the brother. Depressions captivated me fully, but I'm living