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✧The Serenity of Animal Crossing✧


Sometimes there is simply nothing better than some background ACNL music! I personally enjoy studying or falling asleep to it :3

I had to kinda trick 8tracks into allowing me to publish this, so... The composer for all these is really 永田権太

Music source here (w/ download):
I got the cover art from Tumblr but can't find the exact blog/post now :(

24 tracks
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This is exactly the playlist I was looking for. I want to buy the ACNL soundtrack at some point if possible, but this is amazing and will do for now :)

Going to write this in a comment since the description is a little bloated already! Thank you so much everyone for liking my playlist to the point it got gold ;~~; I'm so shocked, but also extremely honored!! I hope everyone can continue to enjoy this mix for all of eternity~ Animal Crossing is life!(: