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Mellow Sunday Groove

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Yeah, I am! After I joined 8tracks and stumbled onto your mixes, I checked out your twitter and noticed you were in contact with my brother. I figured I would bump into you someday at one of my brother's soirees. But, alas, I'm not a Plateau gal---we live in St-Henri--so I'm never around the neighbourhood. But I'm sure we'll meet someday!

Thanks snapcrackle. I'm a fan of your mixes--I consider them classic repertoire! I think we know someone in common: my bro Jiri? He's queued me to guest lecture on China in Feb., so see you around!

Wow. Awesome mix. Even better than the Saturday Groove, & I hearted that one. Tweeted this to the world; now my three followers will listen too. :-P I adore that world/lounge/groove/chill sound. Keep em coming, please.