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woe for sammy

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i love playlists that have a 'pull you into the playlist' first song and inara's suite just captivated me the moment i heard it. lovelovelove ♥

The Truth is your playlist started after I was listening to another but i just told my self "damn this is awesome how could it be better than before" and then I noticed lol haha It's awesome dude thanks.

you could have deleted that comment and pretended it never happened... lol And yes, despite his height, I'm sure he's one person as opposed to two midgets on eachother's shoulder :) I do like that you had the same idea and I agree with the languages. I learn Russian and my English is beginning to suffer :,) Thank-you any-way ^_^ both your comments made me smile :p

*facepalms* sorry, sorry, I mean *for this one. This one being, like, the mood of comforting people ... which is a poorly constructed sentiment. And Sam is just one person as far as I am aware... ack sorry for the brain dumb. I'd blame a morning of studying languages but its probably just that your gorgeous mix broke my brain. :)