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please come down


playlist for kate marsh because i am so so in love with her it hurts

(very marshfield also very sad)

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8tracks- nickvalentines

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hi,,, i dont want to come across as rude but i noticed that this has the same playlist cover as the one i made especially for my kate marsh playlist last year. would you mind changing it?

@nickvalentines i replied to this already but i deleted my replies because i think i misread, im sorry its pretty late. i didnt copy yours on purpose if thats what you think, i just found this on google, i can try to find a different one but this one really spoke to me a lot, i didnt know it was yours but if youd let me keep it up i could credit you for it?

@antlersteel sure, that's fine, crediting me is fine haha. sorry if i came off as crabby before vnejsigkrekljdf it was really early in the morning and i was tired and crabby. it's fine, i know you didnt do it on purpose - you can find literaly anything on google and i've almost accidentally used somebody elses 8tracks cover before without realising.