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Party + Smoking Cigarette = Sloow.


Those kind of songs ---- perfect for dance, beach, drinking, talking, smoking whatever herb you like. Everything is about Enjoying the joy. LIFE !

15 tracks
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1.-Wes Clarke & Maxine Hardcastle - Bringing Me Back
2.-No Halo - What is this feeling
3.-Sussie 4 - On Time
4.-Radio Killer - Lonely Heart
5.-Joey Negro Press Misutra feat. Kadija Kimara - Better Things to come

6.-Wes Clarke & Maxine Hardcastle - Another Chance
7.-Wax Hero Meerts Prisl - Miss u
8.-Kings of Tomorrow - Finally (Meri Vox Mix)
9.-Sykensugastarr - Are You (Watching Me Watching You)
10.-Physics - Batucada (Glamour Mix)

11.-Miguel Migs - Those Things
12.-Robin Thicke - We Got That Magic (Didier Sinclar Remix)
13.-Ian Pooley - Coração Tambor (feat. Rosanna & Zélia
14.-Thick Dick - Insatiable (Rasmus Faber Extended Remix)
15.-Stonebridge - Put Them High