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The Words I Might Have Said

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I've seen 2/3 of Series 3, and Sherlock is breaking my heart. So, this is him thinking about John, who is gone... Married to Mary... Please tell me if you cry. I cried making this.

  • Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco
  • Kill! Kill! Kill! by The Pierces
  • Skyfall by Skyfall
  • Science and Faith (Full Studio multitrack cover remastered) better quality by Karlo Gion Gutierrez
  • The Broken Ones (Dia Frampton Cover) by Keiyana Osmond
  • Reasons Why by Nickel Creek
  • Words by Skylar Grey
7 tracks
1 comment on The Words I Might Have Said

oh god, I remember sitting there and thinking about how Sherlock would have (and did) turn to drugs when John was gone, and then this song came on the radio and it clicked. Glad you like the choice!