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✧ still here ✧


✧ fanmix for nanami chiaki: my darling, my angel, the light of my life, the princess of my heart
(hints of hinata/nanami bc that ship destroyed me)
(album art credit:

8 tracks
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✧ track list ✧

1. sleepyhead - passion pit
"like stars burning holes right through the dark / flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes"

2. dissolve me - alt-j
"she makes the sound, the sound the sea makes / to calm me down / she makes the sound, the sound the sea makes / i'm tired now"

3. tessellate - ellie goulding (cover)
"three guns and one goes off / one's empty, one's not quick enough / one burn, one red, one grin / search the graves while the camera spins"

4. rabbit girl - i hate this place
"sooner or later all of us must become real"

5. night sky - chvrches
"i can hear you in the overtones / just an echo of the promise we made / change the future, we can travel time / or make us blind so we can never look back"

6. still here - digital daggers
"when i awake, you disappear / back to the shadows / with all i hold dear / i dream you're still here"

7. raspberry cane - youth lagoon
"this dimension and the next / the living and the dead / the wave into the corpse / everybody cares, everybody cares / i'm sure love exists / and this is what it is"

8. d.a.r.l.i.n.g. - beach house
"where did you come from / you're no stranger / how i know / you will return / so i won't be sad"