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Read, Study, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.


Are you still searching for that magical potion that'll help you improve productivity? Or simply needing to unwind after a long day at school/work? If you said yes, this mix of 3. some hours of pure bliss will do you right, my dear fellas. This mix focuses on instrumental artists cutting across various genres. Examples of artists are: Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky,Air, and many more! (These artists have served as my ultimate study buddy this intense semester) Just click play, and chillax.

35 tracks
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Everyone told me a ten page paper in one evening was impossible.
This playlist helped me prove them all wrong.

Moral of the story: This chick can put together a kick ass study mix, nd fck da h8rs.

Listen to this mix every finals season… Currently writing a thesis in French and this is getting me through (as it has for the past year).