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they'd destroy the entire world if it weren't for their dear princess.

  • Deck the Halls With Blood (feat. Monica Barta) by Two Steps from Hell
    I hear a scream into your head. I am sorry for your life, I really am.
  • Red Stars by The Birthday Massacre
    you'd give it, we'd take it. you'd build, it we'd break it. you sign and we erase it. you'd feel it, we'd fake it.
  • Plague (Dead Fe†us Remix) by Crystal Castles
    I am the plague! I am the plague!
  • One Track Minded Age by Broken Iris
    People were people so their nightmares came through now our world is full of the nightmares left from you / Your screams were loud but now you're sound asleep, for I, helped guide you down.
  • I'm the Devil by Clams Casino
  • Disc One by Assassin's Creed- Revelations OST
  • Fuhai by Sankarea OST
  • Kara no Kyoukai 5 M18a by Ipaloplu
  • Ruinfields by gothic
9 tracks
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