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Contemporary Ecstasy


Soundtracks are the contemporary classical music and more. I have been an admirer and a collector of soundtracks since my early teens.
This is a selection of glorious, amazing, beautiful scores, in this particular playlist featuring mostly instrumental music.
By the way, by definition, ecstasy is 'rapturous delight' or 'an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling'.
Clint Mansell, Ennio Morricone, and others.

44 tracks
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What a fabulous combination of musics. Impossibly addictive. Lovely. Thank you for the effort it took to make this.

STORY TIME: I return home from a day out on the town to sit down at my computer. As I do so, I reach for my bottle of wine. All around me is quiet and still. I uncork it, take a sip and jam the cork back in. I drop the bottle back on the table and right as I do, the song Navras from the Matrix Revolutions soundtrack kicks in, completely surprising me. If you've heard this song, then you know how I must've felt! I had to take a moment to check around the room because I believed that because of the timing of that song assassins were about to attack me! I thought I had activated my mission, which was to hack into the mainframe! Who would try to stop me!?