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Action-y Anime Openings


Anime openings that are fast paced and action-y.

  • Attack on titan Full ( Shingeki no Kyojin) by Darnatos :3
  • 02 Jyuu no Tsubasa by
  • Just Awake (1st) by ED Hunter X Hunter 2011
  • departure! (Hunter X Hunter 2011: Opening 1 by Ono Masatoshi
  • Kuusou Mesorogiwi Mirai Nikki Op Full English Subbed by Klan7cosplay
  • Steins;Gate Opening Full by Appy The GM
  • Black Butler Opening Monochrome No Kiss by Susana Santos
  • Tk by Tk
  • Hologram by NICO Touches the Walls
  • Full Metal Alchemist OP by Széplaki Sakura Ágnes
  • The_World_OST_Death_Note_ by Nightmare
  • Soul Eater Resonance by Azure Kingdom
  • PAPERMOON by Tommy heavenly6
  • 01 もってけ!セーラーふく(TVアニメ「らき☆すた」OPテーマ) by SOUPCHANGODDAMNIT
  • 君=花 by pigstar
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