22 comments on Lyrical Bollywood by anishakunder

My mail id is nehshere@gmail.com. If u can share the link for ur spotify playlist or send me the list any other way I would really appreciate it! I have listened to this playlist number of times today so really would like to have it on my ipod! thanks again :)

Hey can u list this playlist's songs here? For some reason 8tracks skips to the next mix after a few songs adn if i even replay your playlist after that it starts from the start again. So i can never go beyond a few songs to listen to all songs :( i guess i can only listen to 16 tracks on one mix in one go :( i hope u can help. Thanks! Neha.

loveeeee your playlist....its exactly what i was looking for or what i would have made myself but just never got around to do it....so thanks a ton!! :)