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woe is me


a couple of my favorites that i love to listen to when im upset or tired or doing homework, and i guess basically anytime :)

  • The Story of Us by Taylor Swift Cover
    taylor is my idol nd i love her so much
  • Valerie (Tribute To Amy Winehouse) by Bruno Mars
    this is one of my favorite songs nd bruno is rlly great so i love this
  • Terrible Things (Mayday Parade Cover) by Arthur Walwin
    this song makes me cry bc i love it so much
  • Lost Stars by Maroon 5
    team adam!!! love the voice nd this song is rlly great
  • Free Fallin' by John Mayer
    this has always been one of my favorites
  • Hero by Christopher Wilde
    reminds me of summer 2012
  • Our July in the Rain (acoustic) by He Is We
    used to be obsessed with this song nd i still love it
  • Fall (Acoustic) by Justin Bieber
    dont rlly love jb but this song is one of my all time favorites
  • Body by Mary J. Morreale, MM, MT-BC
    this song makes me cry bc of the concert and how much this song meant to him nd i love ed with all my heart he is just adorable
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