Is this playlist safe for work?

all I want for Christmas is to pass my exams.


It's almost that time of year again!! For regular people this means spending time with family and friends, going shopping, decorating, baking Christmas treats, etc. But NO for us students it means all nighters, excessive amounts of coffee, stress pimples, and a whole lot of raging/crying. This mix is intended to calm you down and help get you through exams while still having a little Christmas spirit :) good luck!!

20 tracks
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This is absolutely lovely! It might be September, but as I have learned from previous semesters, winter exams creep up on you fast (and I live in a horribly hot climate that gets snow maybe once every 5 years and have been missing a good winter). Thank you! This is just what I needed.

I love everything about this playlist. I'm currently sitting in the basement of the library at my college and this playlist is making it so magical!

Thanks! This is the best AND I don't feel obligated to sing along because there are no words...which makes for better studying! lol