Is this playlist safe for work?
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I always come back to this playlist. Always. It is my savior every time I have a paper due, every time I have an exam to study for, every time I wake up at 3 AM stressed out about assignments. I love it and I love you for making it. Thanks <3

It is that time of the year again. FINALS! I can't believe that it's been 5 years already. But I wanted to thank you for making this playlist. It has gotten me through my college finals' week every semester, twice a year. Thank you!

@sontruong that's amazing!! I'm so happy to hear that I helped you through your studies. I've been there and know how rough it can be! x

here I am listning to some random study music and I go to like this random persons mix for their exquisite taste in music and I nearly died when I saw the name! you actually made my chem exam a little less scary thanks anna!

hahahah Mitchell!! that's too funny! I'm glad you like my mix! good luck with your chem exam, i'm studying for one too right now and it sucks.