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Love from former times


"You know, that you shall not come here, my love. [...] It is too dangerous. The coldness, the rats - the dungeon is no place for a queen" he whispered.
"I had to see you! I`m not able to find any peace of mind, day and night I`m wandering around and the thought of the injustice, which you`re suffering because of me is tearing me apart. The resentment that Keshkan bears against you seems to go beyond political hostility. Otherwise he would have given you an accomodation according to your social standing as a lord."
"Well, maybe his aversion comes from the fact that I am the man who loves his wife."
- a novel that is soon to be written

(I apologize for any mistakes. This text was orginally written in German, so I had to translate in into English.)

- Picture Source: Pixabay

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