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la belle vie


A few songs to accompany the clinking of espresso cups, the murmur of the crowd, the click of heels on freshly paved sidewalks... a collection of songs, French and foreign, old and modern, that capture a certain je ne sais quois.

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12 tracks
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This is a beautiful play list! Do you know to whom belongs the cover os "La vie en Rose"? I've been trying to find this version, but I can't. Thanks a lot!

@ms.ecouto Oh so sorry I totally missed your comment! I'm not sure who sings it, but it's arranged by Jean Marie Riachi, who is I believe a Lebanese music producer. His stuff's really nice, he has a nice big band swingy feel while adding some beautiful mid-eastern feel.

this playlist is a great one to listen to while reading a moveable feast by ernest hemingway for any one interested!!!